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Video Wednesday Feature: The Muppets UK Press Conference

Below is a 2-part video from The Muppets UK press conference (hosted by Leicester Square TV) with Kermit the Frog and Miss Piggy (performed by Muppeteers Steve Whitmire and Eric Jacobsen) fielding questions from the press about their UK movie premiere on Feb 17th.

Video: Jim Meskimen Presents Shakespeare Celebrity Theater

Master impressionist Jim Meskimen has released a follow-up video to his viral voice acting sensation, Shakespeare in Celebrity Voices (Part 2): Jim will be performing his one-man show JIMPRESSIONS live at The Acting Center in Los Angeles, CA throughout February and March, 2012. Please visit THEACTINGCENTERLA.COM for the schedule and ticket info. And just in […]

Video: Interview with Robotech’s Greg Snegoff

Below is a 5-part audio/video interview with Greg Snegoff of Robotech.

Video: Mark Meer Discusses ‘Mass Effect 3’

Following is a series of interviews from 2011 with Mark Meer discussing the Mass Effect 3 video game, releasing March 6, 2012. also released a video interview 1/20/12 with Freddie Prinze Jr., voice of ME3’s James Vega: Additional source:

The Hollywood Reporter Labels Cartoon Characters ‘Inappropriately Sexy’

WARNING: The following opinion piece includes sarcasm and animation nerd nit-picking. Today’s entry in Voice Actors in the News’ tradition of Frivilous List Friday is a list of “10 Inappropriately Sexy Cartoon Characters” written by Sophie A. Schillaci and Chris Godley for The Hollywood Reporter. As a lifelong animation fan, a headline like that is […]

Monty Python Reuniting for Sci-Fi Comedy Feature

Yahoo’s TheWRAP is reporting that Monty Python alums John Cleese, Terry Gilliam, Michael Palin and Terry Jones are pooling their comedic talents for a science-fiction comedy feature, Absolutely Anything. The film’s producer Mike Medavoy says that Eric Idle is not on board yet, but he “may join the project as well.” Medavoy adds that Cleese, […]

AT&T Releases Rare Jim Henson Short Film

Thanks to The Nerdist for the heads-up via Facebook on this rare and amusing Jim Henson gem discovered by AT&T Archives. It was produced in 1963 for a business seminar hosted by The Bell System to address the topic of data communications (which at the time was a brand new field). The voice of the […]

Transformers: Prime DVD/Blu-Ray To Include Voice Cast Commentaries

According to, Shout! Factory‘s March 6, 2012 release of Transformers: Prime: The Complete First Season on DVD and Blu-Ray will include as bonus content a behind-the-scenes featurette and “15 audio commentaries with the creative team and voice cast” — which we hope features legendary cartoon voice actors Peter Cullen (Optimus Prime) and Frank Welker […]

Exclusive: ‘The Tigger Movie’ on Blu-Ray in August [Updated]

This article has been updated with new details since it was originally published on 1.24.12. Please scroll down for the most recent update. Thanks to an inside source who works for Disney we are pleased to be the first to reveal the news that Disney/Buena Vista Home Video will be releasing a Blu-Ray edition of […]

Video Chat with Seiyuu from ‘Death Note’

Following is a video chat from Japanese TV (possibly broadcast between 2008-09) with some of the seiyuu [that’s Japanese for “voice actor” — Ed.] from the popular anime series Death Note featuring Mamoru Miyano (Light Yagami), Aya Hirano (Misa Amane), and Masaya Matsukaze (Teru Mikami). (Sorry, there are no English subtitles available.)