‘Alice Isn’t Dead’ Podcast Will Be Adapted Into USA Network Series

'Alice Isn't Dead' Podcast Will Be Adapted Into USA Network SeriesEntertainment

Alice Isn’t Dead, the critically acclaimed podcast from Night Vale Presents, is headed to TV. Universal Cable Productions has begun development on adapting the podcast for the USA Network. Alice Isn’t Dead creator Joesph Fink, who also co-authored podcast-turned-novel Welcome to Night Vale, will executive-produce the series.

In addition to the TV adaptation, Harper Perrennial will also publish a novel based on Alice Isn’t Dead, authored by Fink as well.

The podcast follows a fictional truck driver as she searches for her wife, who for many years she thought was dead. This follows a long line of podcasts being adapted for TV, including Brian Safi and Erin Gibson’s TV Land adaptation of Throwing Shade, and, more recently, Phoebe Bronson and Jessica Williams’ 2 Dope Queens, which is being adapted into a series of HBO specials.

Source: ew.com