Colbert Says Trump’s Handling of DACA Is Like a ‘Saw’ Movie in Reverse

Colbert Says Trump's Handling of DACA Is Like a 'Saw' Movie in ReverseEntertainment

President Trump’s public waffling about the ultimate fate of the DACA program — which shields young undocumented immigrants from deportation — has been terrifying for many people to watch. In fact, Stephen Colbert likened it to an even more twisted version of a famously warped horror film franchise.

On Thursday’s Late Show, Colbert called out Trump for first rescinding the program (with a six-month delay), and then boasting that he might side with Democrats on a deal to save it.

“Yeah, that is the best way to make people happy,” Colbert said sarcastically. “First scare the crap out of them, then tell them there’s a way out. It’s like one of those Saw movies in reverse.”

Slipping into his Trump impression, Colbert continued, “Okay, I’ve locked you dreamers in a room. You’ve all got green cards but they’re in your skull behind your eyeball. Here’s a broken bottle, go for it. Happy people!”

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