Dog Sitter’s Tinder Match Becomes Date from Hell When the Family Pooch Is Stolen

Dog Sitter’s Tinder Match Becomes Date from Hell When the Family Pooch Is StolenEntertainment

Ah, Tinder. Where dreams of romantic love are born, and nightmares of dog theft are realized.

A New Jersey family’s 2-year-old Maltese, Maggie, was stolen on Sunday when a house sitter who was also dog-sitting invited her Tinder match over to hang out. According to, the 18-year-old woman had never met the man before, and he also brought a male friend with him.

While the Tinder date “distracted” the sitter, the partner in crime was able to steal a laptop, an Amazon package and, most importantly, Maggie the dog.

In the wake of this distressing incident, the Leonia, New Jersey, police department posted a notice on Facebook.

Luckily, a Good Samaritan recognized Maggie and contacted the Bergen County NJ Lost and Found Pets Facebook page after it posted a photo of the missing pup.

On Wednesday, the Leonia Police Department posted to Facebook the news of Maggie’s reunion with her owners, along with photos of the pup.

“Maggie, the missing Maltese, has been located and reunited with its owner,” said the Leonia Police Department’s post. “On Monday evening, August 21st, a Garfield resident found Maggie on the street. The Garfield resident, Elena Ramirez, was able to capture the loose dog and then contacted Garfield Police Department. Maggie was eventually turned over to Lysa DeLaurentis of All Humane Animal Rescue, who … then sent a picture to Samantha Palino, who runs the ‘Bergen County NJ Lost and Found Pets’ Facebook page. Shortly after Maggie’s picture was posted on Facebook and in the media … Maggie’s owner was shown a picture of the dog … the owner met the dog from the shelter and confirmed that it was Maggie.”

The post also indicates that the two suspects have been identified, and the case is still an active criminal investigation. Anybody who may have information about the theft should call the Leonia Police Department at (201) 944-0800 or email