Jason Isaacs jokes about his early ‘Star Trek’ catchphrase

Jason Isaacs jokes about his early 'Star Trek' catchphraseEntertainment

Your new Starship Captain: Larry the Cable Guy?

Jason Isaacs, who plays Captain Lorca in the upcoming sci-fi show “Star Trek: Discovery,” told Entertainment Weekly that from the get-go, he had a catchphrase in mind for the role, just like a predecessor, Captain Jean-Luc Picard (Patrick Stewart) in “The Next Generation.”

While Isaacs is from Liverpool, England, his character on the new iteration of “Star Trek” is an American — from the south, to be precise.

So, according to EW, when he first ambled onto the “Discovery” set, he started testing “Git ’r done!” as his signature phrase, much like Picard’s “Engage!” or “Make it so.”

Jason Isaacs jokes about his early 'Star Trek' catchphraseEntertainment

Larry The Cable Guy performs at Charlie Daniels 80th Birthday Volunteer Jam at Bridgestone Arena on Wednesday, Nov, 30, 2016, in Nashville, Tenn.

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Needless to say, the ad-libbed line didn’t quite stick.

Isaacs joked with EW, saying that he was “cocky” when he arrived to set.

“I’ve only been here an hour, and I already have my catchphrase,” the actor recalled.

Jason Isaacs jokes about his early 'Star Trek' catchphraseEntertainment

Jason Isaacs as Hap in the nicely reviewed Netflix original series “The OA,” co-created and starring Brit Marling.

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But “Discovery” producers told Isaacs that the phrase wasn’t quite his to use. It famously belongs to the comic Larry the Cable Guy, who has it copyrighted.

In his recent interview, Isaacs also revealed at bit about his “Star Trek” past, saying that he adored “The Original Series” as a kid.

Still, he was happy the costume designers opted not to go with the retro gold uniform — instead he sports a bright blue one on the CBS All Access program.

The item is a one-piece, though, and Isaacs said that the costume department needed to tweak it because of its ultra-thin design.

Jason Isaacs jokes about his early 'Star Trek' catchphraseEntertainment

Another shot of Jason Isaacs as Captain Gabriel Lorca in “Star Trek: Discovery,” which begins this fall.

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Isaacs also said the upcoming show is “more emotional” than previous iterations and tends to focus on “personal interaction” rather than strictly plot, according to EW.

“There’s a layered story that you aren’t used to in ‘Star Trek.’ This is a complicated guy,” Isaacs said of Lorca.

The show will debut on CBS on Sept. 24 with a two-part premiere. Subsequent episodes will be made available on the network’s streaming service, All Access. The first season consists of 15 episodes, broken up into two chapters.

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