Jon Hamm’s Funny Faces Game With Jimmy Fallon Is No Contest

Jon Hamm's Funny Faces Game With Jimmy Fallon Is No ContestEntertainment

From watching Jimmy Fallon every week on The Tonight Show, you already know he’s at a disadvantage when playing something like the Face It Challenge, a game where you’re forced to make funny faces at your opponent and hold them without cracking a smile.

Fallon even slipped into a grin when he merely tried explaining the rules on Friday night. “You can’t even get through that without breaking,” his guest, Jon Hamm, laughed. “I mean, are we really playing a game where you can’t break?”

Even when he was a cast member on Saturday Night Live, Fallon had a hilarious habit of breaking during sketches. It’s kind of his thing. Hamm, however, has had a lot of experience maintaining his composure as a professional actor through Bridesmaids, 30 Rock, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, and, yes, SNL.

Both gents had to hold their silly faces for a total of 10 seconds, but it was no contest. Fallon easily broke before the clock ran out during ever single round.

Watch the Face It face-off video above.