‘Suits’: Patrick J. Adams Talks [SPOILER]’s Shocking Return in ‘100’

'Suits': Patrick J. Adams Talks [SPOILER]'s Shocking Return in '100'Entertainment

WARNING: This article contains spoilers from Suits‘ 100th episode ‘100.’ Read at your own risk! 

When EW spoke to Patrick J. Adams ahead of Suits‘ milestone 100th episode, he teased that Louis (Rick Hoffman) would be forced to “deal with someone he thought was long out of his life but has returned to create some conflict for him.”

And after watching Wednesday’s episode, we finally know who it is: his ex-girlfriend Sheila Sazs, played by Rachael Harris.

In “100,” Louis reconnects with Sheila, who is now engaged and works for Columbia University. After their brief reunion, Sheila, still rattled by seeing him, calls him with an indecent proposal: she wants to spend one more night with him before she gets married. This puts Louis in an awkward position because he knows it would be wrong to say yes, but in the wake of his break-up with Tara (Carly Pope), he’s feeling very lonely. In the end, he says yes and goes to her hotel room at the end of the hour. (Read our full recap here.)

Adams, who directed the episode, loved having Harris back for the episode. “She’s really one of my favorite people,” he tells EW. “She’s so much fun and crazy prepared. She always does stuff that you never would’ve expected.”

He particularly enjoyed filming the hilarious and sexually charged phone call where Sheila promises to let Louis “do that thing you’ve always wanted to do…with all the accents.” Because both actors weren’t available on the days they filmed the conversation, Adams ended up playing Louis when it came time to film Sheila’s side of the phone call, and Sheila when they shot Louis’ side.

“It was fun to sort of try and step into both of those shoes and you get to have fun with them and they’re both such a great actors,” says Adams. “I felt like we got a lot out of it.”

He continued, “Usually in those situations you have a reader who is sitting there reading with the actors off-camera while the director would be sitting there watching the monitors, but I was able to just be in the room with my own little monitor and play back and forth with them. [Directing] this episode, more than any other, I realized how grateful I am to have had the experience I’ve had as an actor because it really let me show up for these incredible people we had in this episode. And this episode, more than any other I’ve directed, has such a crazy lineup of great actors, from, obviously, our leads to all of our guest stars.”

Suits airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. on USA Network.

Source: ew.com