The best podcasts for your long weekend

Looking for something new to listen to while spending hours in a plane, train or automobile during your summer travels? We’re here for you. In Podcast Pick, a weekly series, we’re highlighting podcasts worth hearing.

If your plans over a long weekend involve traveling, sunbathing and/or going on a long walk, you’re going to need some podcasts to accompany your holiday.

So, which episodes should you download? For Labor Day, here are five fresh episodes that deserve a listen.

If you’re going to stop for fast food: Revisionist History’s “McDonald’s Broke My Heart”

Chances are, you’ve had fries from Mickey D’s before. But have you tasted the chain’s original fry recipe? Revisionist History host Malcolm Gladwell tells the fascinating story of how the slices of potato went from being “the best fries in the world,” to tasting “like cardboard.” 

If you want to revisit your childhood: Heavyweight’s “Julia”

Are there certain things that happened to you as a child that you wish you could understand better today? Julia, host Jonathan Goldstein’s friend and the subject of this Heavyweight episode, has one specific scene in her life she’s always questioned. But is it a good idea to confront that moment in time, decades later? The answer is layered.

If you have tissues available: Love Me’s “The Return”

This episode of the Canadian podcast Love Me, about a man fulfilling his dying father-in-law’s unusual request, is poetic, beautiful and might wreck you. In the best way. 

If a casino is in your future: 30 for 30 Podcast’s “A Queen of Sorts”

If you follow poker, chances are you’re familiar with poker player Phil Ivey, and that you’ve never heard about Chung Yin Sun. On this 30 For 30 episode hosted by Rose Eveleth, you get to know Sun, Ivey’s accomplice in a scandal that had her using a technique called “edge sorting” to win tens of millions of dollars at casinos. We don’t recommend it.

If you need lessons on forgiveness: Oprah’s SuperSoul Conversations’ “Mitch Albom”

In Oprah’s new podcast, she shares deep conversations about life, love and death. Tuesdays With Morris author Mitch Albom joins the host to discuss all three topics, and makes a compelling case for why you should forgive the people close to you and focus on giving back. Of course he winds up choking up — it’s an Oprah interview, after all.

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