Watch: Jennifer Lawrence unravels in 'Mother!'

Watch: Jennifer Lawrence unravels in 'Mother!'Entertainment

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Hey parents, don’t be fooled by the title of J. Law’s latest movie.

“Mother!” isn’t for kids, and there aren’t any drunken bad moms to make us laugh in Darren Aronofsky’s new horror flick. (Remember creepy “Black Swan?” He directed it.)

But there’s plenty to make us want our mommies with blood-streaked walls, mind tricks and shadowy corners.

A newly released trailer opens with Jennifer Lawrence looking placid in bed and then decorating the country home she and hubby (Javier Bardem) share.

From paradise to paranoia

As she seeks to transform their home into “paradise,” a knock on the door turns out to be strangers who become guests (Ed Harris and Michelle Pfeiffer). The married couple bring trouble, sowing the seeds of doubt between Lawrence and Bardem.

Lawrence starts to snoop, finding a picture of her husband in the stranger’s bag. She’s more than a little unsettled by this, and is pulled out of the station to crazyville. Understandably.

The rest of the plot remains a mystery, including why the film is called “Mother!” We shall found out soon.

The movie opens on Sept. 15.

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