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Welcome to How to Voice Over! I’m Brizzy Voices and the most frequently asked question I get, more than more than more than “Will you please stop embarrassing yourself?” is do you have any advice for someone who wants to get into voice-over or impressions? Short answer: I do! Long answer is the most important thing for you to understand about voiceover is the same thing every voice actor repeats over and over and over again when they’re asked for advice, at that is So the most important thing for you to learn how to do is act! Because voice-over isn’t just about making silly voices.

It’s about becoming a character. Those silly voices are just one of the byproducts that come from being in character. So act. Get experience any way you can. Join a drama club, community theater, improv groups, singing lessons, acting classes. And try to warm up your body and your voice. Whatever you can before doing something that’s gonna be strenuous for your vocal chords. A quick Google search will find you plenty of body and vocal warmups for you to get started. every day! Something, anything, doesn’t matter. And don’t worry about performing it or acting it or doing it perfectly. Just get as much experience as you can reading out loud! Do some voice-over for fun! But you’re gonna need a microphone and a place to record to do so.

A cheap but decent-enough microphone that I recommend for beginners is the Blue Snowball, which is about 50 dollars on Amazon. It’s what I started with. Another alternative is the Blue Yeti, which is about 100 dollars. You’re not gonna get the pro gigs with these microphones, but you’ll be able to do some fun stuff, and maybe even some small-paying gigs. When you’re ready to really invest, you can get a nicer microphone. You’ll also need a pop filter, which is only like 12 dollars and it keeps your “puhs” and your “tuhs” and your “kuhs” from making really loud, annoying, unprofessional sounds in the mic from the air. Puh! That can just really screw up the sound! And I don’t know how to articulate it better than that, but get one of these! It’s helpful, okay? You just, you need it.

It’s cheap, you can keep it forever. You just, you need it. The place most voice actors record at home is in their closet, because the clothes on the wall created a perfect makeshift recording booth! Just make sure that when you’re recording, you have all the loud background noises turned off. So no fans or air conditioners or screaming kidnap victims. Just tell everything to be quiet for a minute while you record. Find some fun volunteer projects to audition for and get some experience! You can go to Link in the description. This are usually fan or passion projects, which can’t pay you, but that also means that they’re not expecting the most pro of the pro voice actors. So, you can get some experience! Another option is going on YouTube and searching for abridged series or fan dubs that are looking for auditions. Just get out there and try submitting things and see what comes back! And make sure to download a program for you to record into your computer.

Both Audacity and GarageBand are both great options and they’re free. Links are also in the description for those! Best thing a voice actor or impressionist can do is Listen, listen, listen, listen , listen! Because it’s less about what you’re saying and more about why you’re saying it. Listen to what situation the character is in, who or what they’re responding to and what they’re thinking. And if you’re trying to voice match someone with an impression, listen to that voice as carefully as you can! Listen to every little intricacy you can hear in that voice. Do they have a kind of accent? Where’s the voice coming from? Is it deep down in the chest? Or is it like a little balloon noise in their throat? Or is is it like really nasally and stuck like in their nose or something? Like there are different places that voices come from. And different characters have different places, and different accents, different speeds, different pitches.

So many things that you can listen to and then try to replicate with your own voice. And remember that practice makes perfect, so don’t give up. But at the same time, don’t feel discouraged if there’s a voice that you simply can’t do no matter how many times you try. For example, I think we all know that I’m never gonna be able to pull off a believable Morgan Freeman impression, no matter how much you guys like to ask me to try.

Penguins. So there’s a bunch of stuff for you to get started. If you’ve done all this and you want (speed-warped audio) It’s now time to get off your lazy butt and do your own The best thing you can do for yourself if you’re interested in voice-over, in my opinion, is to get Voice-Over Voice Actor by Yuri Lowenthal and Tara Platt. I just genuinely adore this book! My friend bought it for me as a gift a couple of years ago and I just fell in love with it. I read it multiple times, it’s taught me so much! It’s inspired me and made me laugh and made me cry. Actually, I don’t think I’ve cried reading this. It’s possible. I don’t think I have, but I definitely laughed a lot. These guys are hilarious. They are two super-inspiring, super-successful animation voice actors and they’re still killing it in the booth today, and this book is just (grunts) it’s amazing! And it’s got all the information you could possibly need, so check it out! There’s a link in the description where you can get this.

Super-inspiring, super-fun. Buy it, you’ll thank me later. For a free resource, I recommend checking out www. It’s a website created by D. Bradley Baker, who is a voice god all of his own! Seriously, just look him up on YouTube or something. Your mind will be blown, your life will be changed, He is, he’s just a god! I don’t know what else to say. Anyway, the website that is full of free information about all kinds of different topics when it comes to voice-over, so definitely check that out.

And one of my favorite acting books that I was assigned multiple times by different acting teachers, was Respect for Acting by Uta Hagen. It’s pretty much a must-read for any actor, full of words of wisdom from an acting legend. And if you wanna save time and multitask by listening to an audio book of it, while, like, doing your hair or going to the gym or something, you can get the audio book of it from Audible! (gasps) Yes! (Slow-warp shout) You know how much I love audio books. You guys, audio books equals voice-over! Thus, as a voice actor, you can never listen to too many audio books. And Audible’s the best place for them. I’ve said this before. They have over 150,000 options, and you can get a free book of your choice by signing up for a free 30-day trial at And, of course, today I’m recommending Respect for Acting by Uta Hagen.

If you have any interest in acting or voice acting, because they’re the same thing, whatsoever. So, yeah, check it out. (clicks) That’s about it! Go forth! Conquer the world of voice-over and because, seriously, this is the best job in the world without a doubt. You can go to work in your pajamas. Sometimes you don’t even have to leave your house. You get to act like a crazy fool into a microphone and then you get money! Thanks for watching, guys! I hope you enjoyed it! If you wanna watch my last video, you can click right there! I rapped as 26 different cartoon characters, A to Z. It’s pretty interesting if you wanna check that out. I’m trying to diversify this channel a bit. I’m not stopping with the impressions. Don’t worry. I will always be doing impressions videos, but I wanna put out videos more often. I wanna do more than one video a month, you know? So I want more suggestions for what you guys wanna see from me, whether it’s voice related or completely not voice related, whatsoever. I’m down for that, too. So just let me know down there in the comments. And hopefully I’ll see you really soon if you give me some good suggestions! Yup, that’s it! See you later! Bye! (hyper air kiss) Purchase the book Voice-Over Voice, Voice Actor? Boise Actor? Voice-Over Boise Actor! (growls) Gah, Brizzy.

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