Stranger Things’ homage to ‘80s cinema continues with stunning posters

Stranger Things’ homage to ‘80s cinema continues with stunning postersVoice Acting Voice Actors News

Stranger Things is a series that encompasses classic ‘80s cinema and Netflix’s marketing team behind the show’s second season doesn’t want people to forget that important fact.

That’s why over the past few weeks, Netflix has been releasing a series of Stranger Things posters that pay tribute to various films from the ‘80s. A Nightmare on Elm Street, Firestarter and The Evil Dead have all received the spoof treatment. Each Stranger Things version of the poster focuses on an array of different characters, with only the Stand By Me spoof starring the majority of the cast. Eleven, Jim Hopper and Joyce Byers all standout on their individual posters, though.

The choice of movies used aren’t accidental, either. Stranger Things creators Ross and Matt Duffer have spoken about how this season will lean a little more into the horrors of the Upside Down and the monsters that may descend into the town of Hawkins this season. Using A Nightmare on Elm Street (a monster from a different dimension) and Alien (another strange, horrifying creature) seems to hint at what’s to come.

Note that both Jaws and Alien were released prior to 1980, but seem to fit in with the theme that Netflix wants fans to remember heading into the second season of Stranger Things.

Stranger Things’ second season will be available to stream on Oct. 27. Netlix’s posters can be seen in the gallery below along with side-by-side comparisons.